Monkey Mind & me

Its 12 am and I just returned from Corner House after having Death By Chocolate. I am someone who tries to keep himself away from sugar, but does it always work? I would say NO, the evil side of mind or monkey mind as Naval says, gets its fair share.

Isn’t it amazing that even after knowing the side effect of overstuffing with sugar I ended up eating it?

Am I being tricked only in the above scenario?

Nope, there are many other examples.

At the middle of the night I would go to Meghana Foods too sometimes. I am well aware that their food is substandard and I end up getting boils all over my face.

I have deleted Twitter app but somehow I still access it via the web browser. I have been only been partially successful at it.

Another stupid thing this monkey mind does is: adds as much pessimism as it could and watch you suffer.

  • Your idea sucks & you are doomed to fail.
  • You don’t belong here.
  • Spotlight effect Et all.
  • —————–
  • ——————–

What is the cure?

1. Being more aware and watching monkey mind.
2. Being more hopeful and optimistic.
3. Rewarding myself everytime I win.

Am I the only one finding himself in such scenarios?
Is monkey mind going to win?

What is your remedy?