What matters in life

It takes years of survival on this planet to realize that :-

  1. Life is too short, live it now. A bucket list won’t be of much help.
  2. We are all opinionated and live in our own walled garden of thought.
  3. What matters the most is what makes you feel good and yes, you don’t have to hurt others in achieving it.
  4. Small moments of joy matter:
    1. Going for walk with ailing parents.
    2. Playing with your new born kid.
  5. Life is just learning; not a success or failure checklist.
  6. Building anything requires focus.
  7. Close company of friends is needed in life.
    1. They standby you in all situations of life.
    2. They won’t judge you and will be there to cheer for your success and failure.
  8. All your ego, glory, money and fame are short lived.
    1. Have you not seen pigeon’s shit loaded on the statues around you.