At what cost?

Insecurity is a disease that humanity has been suffering since inception, history has it in detail.

    • Homo Sapiens killed Neanderthals.
    • Socrates was made to drink hemlock by Athenians.
    • Nero burnt down his own kingdom.

There are many more such stories and I will leave them for you to read.

In this post I am talking about our personal insecurity.


    • Co-worker gets foreign transfer and you are sad.
    • Wife gets fat bonus and you are unhappy.
    • Friend’s startup got funded and you are grumpy.
    • Sister bought a house and you are miserable.

Purpose of our life has become fulfilling bucket lists, being at the top and winning against all the odds. Our society rewards the machiavellian and punishes the stoics.

But at what cost?

    • Antidepressant and anxiety pills.
    • Alcohol and drugs.
    • Over consumption of sugar, meat and wheat. Everything is processed.
    • Buying more of everything.
    • Maxing out credit card.
    • Venting frustration on numerous issues using social media.

If we are under a simulator (as some billionaires claim), I would  love to hack and fix it.