No Whatsapp

Whatsapp is synonymous to SMS for most smartphone users in India. It is an excellent service and has made us more connected. I am convinced that they will grow further with their payment feature launch.

But personally, I find whatsapp to be distracting and eating up a lot of my time. I have not been using it since 2016. I think I have not missed out on much.

These are some of the reasons on why I’m avoiding whatsapp:

  • The barrier to communication is zero. Anyone can message you at any time of the day. Earlier one would think twice before sending a SMS. There have also been incidents where cab drivers have sent lewd messages to passengers
  • The never ending beeps and notifications are ugly. I know I can mute it, but I would rather invest my time in something else.
  • Everyone becomes an expert and eat up hours of your time with  preaching and free counseling.
  • The family group where everything gets posted right from morning and evening greetings.
  • The propaganda creators who are responsible for mob lynching. Whatsapp has empowered them.
  • People expect you to immediately reply to their messages. If you have seen it and not replied, you are in trouble.
  • I am against doing any business discussion or conversation on whatsapp. We have been using emails for decade, let us continue that way.
  • Quick and impulsive decisions via whatsapp have put me in awkward situations.  
  • Getting intoxicated and fighting with loved ones because they messaged at the wrong time.
  • I was  glued to my smartphone. It took toll a on my mental health.

Life is not about being connected with everyone every minute. It is more about spending time with self. Those who need me will find me, I don’t have to be on whatsapp.