Other people

India’s unorganized sector also happens to be one of its biggest job providers. Our maids, uber drivers, sales girls and servers at restaurants Рall of them constitute it. They are hard working, voiceless, vulnerable and key stakeholders to our economy.

They are the invisible robots who drive us for early morning flights. They serve us our food and drinks with smile. But, we notice their existence only when they make mistakes. Forget tipping, we don’t even smile at them. The idiot phone keeps us glued and takes away all our attention.

We were not born equal. Some people were born rich and some were not so blessed. We should be grateful that we can afford an uber ride or enjoy weekend drinks.

We are better off economically than these hard working people, but does this give us extra power to treat them bad?

Please treat them as humans. Be empathetic with them. Exchanging our position with them won’t be easy for us.

Reference: The Exceptional Persistence of India’s Unorganized Sector