In this super connected world, we are seconds away from introducing our friends for business or other advice.

We think it will help them, but is it really so? Who are we to decide on their behalf? Why can’t we ask them?

And once we are done connecting, we feel that we are done with our job.

We tend to forget the after effects: what happens if either one of them are not trustworthy or valuing the importance of time.

We end up losing respect and get the wrath in the end for making the connections.

So if you are connecting people, be aware of the side effect. Be very aware.

This has been my learning today. I have to respect and value others time and do not take the time of our friends for granted. Also, I don’t want my friends to be mad at me because the connection did not bear any positive outcome.

What I am going to do now is :

  • Connect people only if they ask for it.
  • If things don’t work out or either party keeps rescheduling meetings, I will not be responsible.

This ensures my friendship stays intact and that my friends behave rationally with me.

My time is limited and I want a sane life.