The power of habit

I was reading deep work (blog link) and the power of habit for some time.

The book narrates the importance of our habit in our life and self-development.

In short, the cycle of cue, routine and reward results in habit formation. We get engulfed to our habit and end up practicing it without any cognitive overload.

If you are a regular rider, you don’t need a checklist before your side. Your brain knows it.

The habit formation process:


Cue (notification) + Routine (notification making you visit the app) + Reward (likes, comments, compliments) = Habit (App addiction)

The book accounts habit related studies on :
* Americas civil rights movement
* Addiction to gambling
* Quotes of philosophers: Aristotle and Hume.

The more and more I read this kind of books, I realize they have a recipe for success.


I will be reading “appendix” now on instead finishing the entire book. Is it mandatory to write 300 pages book? Should we blame publishers for this habit?