Man is a social animal.
― Aristotle

Humans have common constituent: blood, bones, meat, gut, brain, and trillions of micro-organisms. But we are all different. What we like, what are our virtues and vice.

As humanity progressed so did our afflictions.
* Neanderthal to Homosapeiens.
* Germanic to Celtics.
* Native to barbarians.
* Native Indians to intruders

We started building these ghettos among our-self. Coming to 2018, this has evolved.
* Feminist to anti-feminist
* Ruby dev to Python-dev
* Keto to Palio
* Vegetarian to Non-vegetarian
* Middle class to elites
* Urban to rural

My brain can’t think of beyond this. These affiliations of ours are resulting in limited thinking. We are living in a closed garden or wall. We are gloating over our success without keeping a worldview or bigger picture. We are closer yet more divided.

Socrates in his discourse mentioned about self-knowledge and freedom.