Socrates, Plato, Ben Franklin all had one thing in common. They all mentioned the importance of people around us.

People foster the growth of a commune, a society or an organization.

The interpersonal relationship trumps over organizational or project affiliation.

Screaming over Twitter about the hiring problem and employee attrition will not help. Finding the real cause, empowering them and understanding their needs will.

Why do your employees have to work 50 hours a week? It is your fault that you committed wrong timelines with your investor or customers.

Don’t expect honesty from your friends If you are letting others talk bad about them in their absence.

Why do you expect your partner to be loyal to you if you are flirting with your receptionist or hooking up on Tinder?

Being honest and empathetic helps in connecting with people. This relationship goes beyond the diaspora of caste, color, religion, region or country.

Ray Dalio in his book Principle talks about:
* Radical Transparency
* Radical Honesty

I am 100% with him on this.