A human mind is a complex operating system. The circuitry neurons, chemicals and it’s effect on us is a research.

Philosophers, sophists, mystics and religious gurus have been teaching us to live a rational life. But is it possible?

1. You will get angry after being cheated by your partner. As a result, there will be a fight. Emotion will dictate over logic.

2. You part away from your partner because it was not working out. It has been a joint decision. You will cry or get angry or curse yourself for past mistakes. Emotion will dictate over rationality.

3. You don’t earn enough but will gift a costly phone to your partner, thanks to EMI. You secretly also worry about the relationship coming to an end anytime soon. Emotion will dictate and hamper your peace.

Is it possible to live life with logic, reason and least involving emotions?

Some part of my brain keeps reminding me of Buddha’s quote:
“Emotions are the cause of all our miseries.”

But what will happen to us if we are not emotional?
A Robot or a Vulcan?

Source: http://www.stoicdoodler.com/emotions/