1. We are obsessed, since birth we are taught to be obsessed. It can be family values or maintaining the leftover fame of our forefathers.
2. We are granted name along with religion/caste, yet again we are told to be obsessed about the same.
3. We enter school and taught math, science, English again we are told to be obsessed with our learning.
4. We enter college you end up forcing yourself being obsessed.
5. We fall in love. Our harmonious relationship gets fed with control and obsession.

What do you think?

1. Is this obsession our ego?
2. A society fed reward system?
3. A disease making us go mad like street dogs?

Our life is in our hand. Who are we to control others? Why is this prejudice or bias?

Results of unmet obsession:

1. We turn into a psycho.
2. Get angry and depressed.
3. Become pessimistic.

Ooh. But media feeds you to be obsessed. Your investor, co-founder wants you to be obsessed.

Life is too short. Live it in peace. Think, observe, read and work on acquiring self-knowledge.