Cascading anger phenomenon

Let me explain the Cascading anger phenomenon with an example.

1. Shyam is a software developer.
2. One morning he gets a SPAM call. He gets furious.
3. His maid offers breakfast for him. Shyam shouts at her because it has little extra salt in it.
4. Shyam takes his car, shouts at his watchman because he takes a minute to open apartments door.
5. Shyam is getting late, he over honks and gets in a fight with a bike rider.
6. Shyam in all anger and agitation reaches office. He asks his team for update an update and shouts badly at all the peers missing deadline.
7. Later in the day, Shyam participates in a customer call. He screws it badly and gets in verbal spat with an internal tech lead. The customer wants Shyam out of the project.
8. The dream of Shyam, settling in America is gone.

Later at night, Shyam does days introspection. He realizes how he screwed his entire day all because of one SPAM loan call.

He also realized how his action affected a dozen other people around him. He has doubt if he made an ass of himself.

That is when Shyam calls him best friend who is jobless, but happy. His friend explains him about “cascading anger phenomenon”. On learning, Shyam promises never to fall for CAP aka “cascading anger phenomenon”

Our life is limited, our friends and people should matter to us. We should not let our anger affect our loved ones.