Brain fsck

We are changing every day, so is everything around us. This change of pace is going to be a killer.

Email has replaced mails. Smartphones have displaced phones.

Eating meat was a delight for us decades back, now it is available for daily consumption.

Meeting friends, chit-chatting are things of past we have mobile for everything. Our future generation will forget many of the socializing practices.

We are at a tremendous pace in all regards. We are always connected. We are driving in the fast lane. From relationship to job offers, all it takes is sending few messages.

Our brain is evolving since the days of homo sapiens. The evolution of the brain is slower than the pace at which the modern world is changing. Our modern-day disease is a byproduct of it. The study of psychology, technology consumption, and nutrition intake compulsory in early education. It should get equal weight like learning English or regional language in school.