food and biology

Till class 10th, reading biology was all about cleaning exams. That notion of mine has changed over the past decade.

I have realized it is important to understand my body and its limitations. I am getting old every day. I particularly focused on understanding human microbiome and neurotransmitters. It made me realize the importance of food in our mental and physical well being. As a result, I am more aware of my consumption particularly meat, sugar, wheat, and milk.

The research on the positives of varied microbiota on humans and its effect on us is still underway. The impact of antibiotics in killing bacteria is already known.

The adverse effect of sugar is well proven. Many books and research papers talk about it. Sugar gets credit for the most modern-day disease.

We have evolved over the centuries. We are no more hunter-gatherer. We are growing our food and at times a surplus of it. We are eating more now. One can order and it food round the clock. The big giants are spending millions on making us more hungry by altering our taste buds.

Thanks to clever markets, kids know better than parents what to order while eating out.