This crowded world of smart communication has a side effect. We have experts and advisors everywhere.
Open Twitter, and you will find an investor sharing wisdom on running a successful startup.
Open Hacker News, and you have some product guy sharing his wisdom followed by 1000 others in agreement or against it.
Facebook has retired folks talking about what our government should do to cure hunger and make us economically strong.
Instagram has influencers telling you what to wear at marriage or eye brown and lip care tips.
At this age and experience of mine one thing, I have realized that getting advice is more harmful than going on own.
Barry Schwartz in his book the paradox of choice talks about decision paralysis: too many choices are recipe for disaster.
If you are building a product for a certain market segment, advice should come from customers and users. Why are we wasting time reading tweets or blogs from so-called thought leaders?