Screen sucking

I am reading this book: driven to distraction at work. It talks about our screen consumption addiction.

As per a 2006 report: enterprises are losing $200+ billion/year because of distraction at work.

Reading this book reminds me of myself, how distracted and less focused I have been all this while.

Many other books like Hooked, Deep Work talks about the same. Mobile apps, notifications giving us a dopamine rush. We are more like BF Skinner’s pigeon craving for variable rewards.

Past few months I have become more aware of my screen consumption. My mobile has a limited number of apps with notification and sound muted. It has calmed me down.

On my laptop, I have installed apps like Block Site and Stayfocused. It has provided me with more time for myself. My addiction to twitter has come down. I have a limited number of hours in a day to consume social media now.

I am also limiting my screen consumption over the weekend. I wish to be dead on weekends lazying around, reading books and disconnected.

How are you all taking care of your screen sucking addiction?