Managing personal psychology

In his book “Driven to distraction at work” the author mentions personal psychology. What he means is that how can we live happy, meaningful life.

These are some points he mentions:

1. Work with emotional grain. It can be working alone or in a team. It can be at a coffee shop or a cubical. You have to find out.

2. Try to identify your hot buttons. What annoys you? It can be people, situation. Be aware of it.

3. Play armchair psychologist. Try to understand your bias, prejudice and past incident. Are they affecting in your decision-making process or dealing with a situation.

4. What keeps you going. Is it a glass of coffee or Mozart’s music. What you love doing. Once you will find it, every single day of your life will become more meaningful.

5. Seek and accept help. Understand your limits and reality. You are living in a community with more people around. Some of them have domain expertise, seek their advice and help when needed.

I find this impossible, our mind is a fickle mind. How can we be equanimous in every situation?

What would be your advice?