November readings

These are some books I read in November 2018

1. From Impossible to Inevitable by Jason Lemkin and Aaron Ross. The book has some good advice if you are new to the startup ecosystem. It also talks about sales, most of which has been written and re-written everywhere.
Bonus: Jason Lemkin shares his secret about pitching him and companies he invests in.

2. Driven to Distraction at Work by Edward M. Hallowell. I liked the book and story of 6 unique individuals with there ADHD problems. The author shares many titbits and tricks to live a healthy and meaningful life. In the end, it is on us to implement it.

3. Unthink by Chris Paley. The author talks about human consciousness and how we act, behave. I had high hopes from the book, but it was like a simple abstract of some 100 research papers.

4. The Truthful Art by Alberto Cairo. I picked this book to learn the art and science of data visualization. After going through few chapters I realized I am too novice for it. I was able to pick little wisdom indeed.