It is so easy for successful people to give all sorts of advice. Not that because they may listen to them.

Actors, environmentalists, social reformers will cite hazards of firecrackers. They will burn it all during their wedding.

A celebrity will talk about empathy on an idiot box, fans will cheer and celebrate. A few days later he will be all over the news for a drunken brawl.

A politician will talk about growth and countries development before coming to power. Once in power will involve in all sorts of corruptions.

A wife-killer, the religious guru will talk about world peace and good health.

An investor will give all sorts of advice on the bull market or alternative currency. Not because he is an expert but because he has lots on the stake if the system fails.

A feminist icon will teach the world about women empowerment. Yet, she will be selling all our personal data for wall street numbers.

The more I spend my time on social media or news sites, it appears more signaling am falling for.

Are we humans so stupid to believe in anything or everything other than true nature of ours?