2018: a recap

2018 has been a great year for me. I consider myself very lucky, I am breathing and all of the body parts are intact and functioning.

I made a few new friends and lost a few others. I live in Baswangudi now. It is closer to Lalbagh, my regular running track, closer to nature.

I have been closer to my quest of acquiring self-knowledge. I spent a good amount of my time reading. I have not traveled much this year and it is alright.

I have failed to find “Who am I?”, yet again this year. The work is still in progress, I hope I will get closer in the coming years.

I have been taking precaution on my food consumption and trying to limit my consumption of Meat, Milk, Wheat, and Sugar.

2018 made me learn about understanding project management, product development, doodling, conflict resolution, cognitive bias, and empathy.

My plan for 2019 is to learn the art and craft of sales. What all it takes to sell something to someone? Is sales more about psychology, empathy or capitalism’s construct?

My daily consumption of coffee needs a pause, let see if I can do this.

I have no advice for anyone about anything in 2019, I know nothing.

I wish 2019 brings more joy to our life, we become more rational and logical. We value virtue more than material wealth.

Happy New Year to you all.