We all have our own aspirations (most of us). We like to become better or achieve something in life. It can be money or acquiring some skills.

Some of us want to do this because have internal motivation for doing it. A few others do it out of survivorship bias. It requires meditation and absolute focus to achieve or build something.

“So you wish to conquer in the Olympic Games, my friend? And I, too… But first, mark the conditions and the consequences. You will have to put yourself under discipline; to eat by rule, to avoid cakes and sweetmeats; to take exercise at the appointed hour whether you like it or not, in cold and heat; to abstain from cold drinks and wine at your will. Then, in the conflict itself, you are likely enough to dislocate your wrist or twist your ankle, to swallow a great deal of dust, to be severely thrashed, and after all of these things, to be defeated.”
― Epictetus, The Discourses with the Enchiridion and Fragments

Wanting to become someone or achieve something out of external motivation is not a good idea.