Epictetus : Stoic philosopher

Epictetus was a Stoic philosopher. He was born into slavery and endured a permanent physical disability. Like Socrates, he too had not written anything. Some of his students collected his sayings and converted it into an Enchiridion (a book containing essential information on a subject.)I remember Chetan telling me about this book while I was in my journey of finding myself. We visited Blossom Book House where it was unavailable and hence I ordered an e-copy.

The original book was written in Greek centuries ago. Over the period, it has been translated into many languages. I liked the translation by William Abbott Oldfather.

I have shared this link with many of you and many of my tweets has Epictetus discourses.

After J. Krishnamurti, Epictetus has been the closest one whose teaching I could closely relate to. I have shared my kindle note of the book earlier, but I don’t think it is sufficient. We all have our own journey.