Man is a social animal.
— Aristotle

What we become has a lot to do with the environment around us, people we are connected to. This close-knit of connection is what differentiates us from other animals. Wherever we go, live and make a colony we try to build a community.

Most religions followed the same approach for its spread.

How will your parents feel if you make them visit and live with you? Anyone will say a great idea.

Thinking deep inside and asking the same will make you feel it’s like a cage and they have made to fit in it.

The life we are living in metros and the ever growing need for more leaves little time to spend with them. Even when we are with them in the same house, we are hooked to our own parallel world or mobile phone, laptop, and other gadgets.

Will you feel happy if your kids will make you visit them and spend the least time with you?