Lazy CEO

Constrain Driven

  • Spends all the time equally on all the aspects of departments of their company.
  • Gives the most important time on things which requires attention.
  • Is visionary, is aware what could go wrong and take steps to fix it.
  • Hires a set of lieutenants and delegates most of their tasks.
Lazy CEO

A Learner

  • He knows nothing
  • Always learning
  • Curious

An Architect

  • Strives for improvement.
  • Planner, thinker, and a strategist.
  • Working towards growth
  • Striving for a multiplier effect

A Coach

  • Always call away for advice
  • Always there to support in all the possible fronts.

An Engineer

  • Establishes a well-defined process.
  • Works on best and worst scenarios. On a page with the team on the roadmap.

A Player

  • Working as an Orchestrator
  • Leading from the front is all the situations wherever needed

In short:

  • CEO should ask what is fucked up and how quickly we can fix it?
  • Always keep learning AKL mode on
  • Goal driven and takes entire firm along

The dilemma and pain

  • Burn outs
  • Missing timelines
  • Unhappy customers
  • Lack of momentum
  • The firing episode
  • Less motivated employees

Support System

  • Set of good friends and mentors
  • Good habits: exercise, sleep, food
  • Rational thinking

I remember reading this book title: Great Ceos Are Lazy and the note was lying somewhere in my notebook.