On Propaganda

Reading age of propaganda has been an eye-opener, thanks to Akshat Sir for the recommendation.

These are the 15 action item I picked from the book as mentioned by the author to avoid falling into propaganda by marketers, politicians and other non-profits.

  1. Know the ways of persuasion and realize that you may be the victim of propaganda.
  2. Monitor your emotions.
  3. Explore the motivation and credibility of the source of the communication.
  4. Think rationally about any proposal or issues.
  5. Attempt to understand the full range of options before making a decision.
  6. Don’t base your evaluation on what someone says, but what person actually does.
  7. If everyone is “doing it” or you hear the same piece of “news” repeatedly, ask “why?”
  8. Apply inversion technology on accessing the sides of the decision.
  9. Teach your children about propaganda.
  10. Avoid being dependent on a single source of information aka WhatsApp
  11. Think of news as the news and try to separate it in your own mind from
  12. entertainment.
  13. Increase your involvement on important issues, just don’t be a keyboard worrier.
  14. Write companies asking for proof of advertised claims.
  15. Support and extend efforts to squelch deceptive advertisement.
  16. Stay away from brands and politicians peddling religion for their own profit.