On Bill Campbell

I read “Trillion Dollar Coach”, a book on Silicon Valley’s most loved and successful coach. The list includes Steve Jobs, Sundar Pichai, Marissa Mayer, Eric Schmidt to list a few.

Bill also served as CEO at Intuit and worked with John Doerr at Kleiner Perkins. He also served on boards of many companies including Apple.

These are some important takeaways:

  1. Your team plays the most important role in your companies success.
  2. Honesty, Empathy, and Integrity win you all the love, respect.
  3. Community matters, friends, peers.
  4. Communication requires a personal connection. Inquire and if needed help the team in their personal lives.
  5. Find a set of Star Trek crew, give them freedom and independence, they will deliver the best. Do not micromanage.
  6. Offer respect and ownership without getting biased over age, sex, color.
  7. Think Big, do not settle for ordinary.
  8. Do not shoot the messenger. On firing or giving feedback, be generous.

It appears to me that someone took a presentation slide and made a book out of it. But an easy read, unlike million other self-help and leadership books.