Bad sale

We are living in the era of round the clock sale. Most things are advertised to be sold at a discounted price. Even in these situations, many things could go wrong.

Some common warning sign of a bad deal:

  1. The deal is only good for “today”
  2. The seller offers “free gifts” in return for “minimum “ effort
  3. A sale item is suddenly unavailable but a “much better “ item happens to be available for “slightly more money”
  4. The seller emphasizes the amount of each payment rather the total amount of sale.
  5. A “repair person “ discovers a “dangerous “ defect in something you own that must be repaired immediately.
  6. You are given little or no time to read the contract.
  7. The seller makes you feel guilty for asking questions or asks, “don’t you trust me?”

Excerpt from “Age of Propaganda.”