Change requires commitment and belief that a user’s life will get much better with it. Our human tendency is to stick to the default. We cannot change it overnight. The change will happen if :

  • The solution is better than the existing one.  
  • The user is committed to using it.

Some other steps which will help with change come down to:

  1. Present the idea: People feel more comfortable when they are part of the change. When done with a group of people, everyone feels part of it instead of being alone.
  2. Identify the pulses: People see negatives first. It is one of the dynamics of change. Focus on positives. 
  3. Have people express their obstacles. Let users talk in “how to” instead ” you cannot”. 
  4. Work the problems together by getting ideas on how to resolve the issues. People should involve together in solving the problem.
  5. Develop next steps: Work closely, iterate, and find out the immediate pain and fix it. 
  6. Follow up: talk to the users regularly and take feedback.

Reference: customer culture by Michael Basch