Since we have crossed the webinar and thought leadership around entrepreneurship during COVID19, I can write it.

This COVID19 is a test of your leadership. All your principles painted on companies’ walls in huge fonts will be tested. Everyone will look upon you: customers, investors, and team members.

Now is the time to find real team players and customers, who are with you as a team as a believer. Everything is at the test: virtue, loyalty, love, trust, empathy. One day you feel winning, another in the rubble.

As a leader, this is the best time to build for the future. You have to lead it from the front and as a root sparkle your positivity among all. It is not easy, but remember breathing is not easy either.

The belief that we are all in it together is going to differentiate your team from the rest. It is time to mold freshers and cement them for future leadership.