No one has time to listen to your pain, hence the world you are in focus on a smile, making others feel successful. Your pain has to be cured by your self-introspection. Who knows, if the pain is our mental manifest?

As a leader, you are the therapists, parents, guide mentor. You are leading the ship, your mood, move reflects directly on your team. Hence put on a brave face and lead. There is no room for mistakes or showing your vulnerability.

In this world, we cheer for positivity, and pain gets no mention. Go to social media portals and post happy things: people will comment and like. Some whom you have never met personally and gives rats ass in reality. Social media harvests on it via clicks, likes, and pageviews.

You have to share your pain with a few, the ones who are closer to you. The ones if lived longer than you will be at your funeral. For the rest, you have to put on a big smile and keep moving. Nobody likes to be around with people who are in pain.