customer culture system

The playbook of Frank Chamberlain as narrated by Michel Basche in his book customer culture.

Frank defined the playbook as keeping customers in the core and making organizations, employees, and stakeholders successful via these.

  1. Vision: The overriding objective(and vision) is to become profitable. We will do everything possible to become profitable. And all are responsible.
  2. Values: Integrity, honesty, openness, delegation, decentralization. 
  3. Goals: Living the values(employee), financial performance(owner), and customer satisfaction(customer).
  4. Relevance: Frank makes achieving the goals relevant to his people in the usual ways with one twist. He makes sure they are listened to and given a sense of control over their destiny.
  5. Feedback: Feedback is everywhere. Once you have established honesty and openness, everything is out there. 
  6. Accountability: People are given trust and responsibility, but they must perform. There are no excuses, and each person is held accountable. 
  7. Actions: It is clear that delegations go as far down the organization as people are ready to accept it.