Reunions result in bringing memories of the past. Be it with school friends or colleagues. There has never been a dull moment. Sometimes it makes me wonder about our innocence at others about our foolishness, bravery.

Reunions are bittersweet. The conversation about your crushes, their present life. The sports teacher and being caned bunking morning PTs. Late-night shows, jumping hostel walls after light out or drinking, smoking inside the hostel campus. It all makes me laugh.

This conversation also reminds me of freedom and a careless attitude. I am not judging it now or seeking answers. Life was simple and less about hoarding or buying. An ice cream or evening golgappas were sufficient to bring all the cheers.

Life was not about fitting in but living together and figuring it out. As we all were young and we had no expectations. For me, the study was the last concern. I don’t know what I was seeking then, It must have been like a train ride, and parents bought a ticket for me.

It also makes me feel that life was simple, less goal-oriented, or aspirational. It was more about making the best of now, explore and learn from mistakes, and move on. It was less plastic or imaginary.