Who is going to stand by you? Are we all not alone in our little world? Thoughts, imagination, dreams all are ours. Who owns responsibility?

I have been seeing a trend where people don’t want to change, move on, or take steps ahead. Some are victims of their past, live by the memories, and sometimes sulk in it.

Past has already happened, good or bad is how it was. The present is where we have to live. If we keep dwelling into the past and take no actions in making a better present, we will be left far behind. Time is the only constant. Time waits for nobody, always ticking and taking you closer to the end of life.

With a limited amount of time, why can’t we live at our best like a train traveler taking every moment as a journey of a new destination? Some worth learning. Why do we have to get attached?

It is our life, and we have to take control. Nobody else can make us feel better if we are not willing for the first step.