It took me over 30 years to realize that my body needs some care. I meant knowing myself, my limits, and what and how everything affects my body. Most of us relate the body with looks, muscles, and abs. We tend to treat the brain like a less loved organ without knowing that it consumes 80% of what we eat.

We are living in an app economy, pings, email, SMS, and nudges are all around us. Smartphones came to make us more productive, but we ended up becoming its slave. I have seen on some occasions we are showing more care to it than humans.

We are suffering from information overload. Platforms like Netflix, Prime are competing against our sleep. Insufficient sleep, information overload is taking away our ability to think. We have started sticking to default because the brain takes shortcuts, and on most occasions, we are losing to markers.

What we are eating is taking a toll on our mind and body both. Sugar, Alcohol, and colas are available in abundance. Every single billboard on our street is guiding us on what to buy next. Food delivery apps are mainstream, disguising us with discounts to fast food.