Has it ever occurred to you when you have become too obsessed with something? That obsession could be about work, person, or possession.

Has it helped anyone being obsessed? Or it has fostered panic, fear, or sleeplessness?

I spoke to a few friends. Their answers were mixed. Some said being obsessed about anything is like being on drugs. You can become restless and paranoid.

Some other friends told me that an obsession adds meaning to their life. It shows them a clear path to march every day.

I understand we have one life, and most of us want to leave with a legacy. It is also important to note that we have to live rationally, not like a headless chicken. So there is no one fit for all.

I understand psychologists selling books talking about burn out, stress, and all. But can you get all this ill when you are loving what you are doing, obsessed with it every moment and actions?

Is the byproduct of obsession has more to do with our mindset and likings?