How many times in our life does it happen that a close friend calls you after 5-6 years? I received A’s email after five years, our last conversation he was teaching at an engineering college in Hubli.

Fast forward now, he is a married man and on top of that a lawyer. I was happily surprised knowing about his career change. I can meet him at Tis Hazari on my next Delhi trip.

I have known A for the past 20 years. It seems like we grew up together and entered in our adulthood. Talking to A bought back our old memories, school, crush, bunking lectures, and overeating watery sabzi with paratha at our late night canteen. He was my roommate, also happened to be from Bihar and in Delhi for the 1st time of his life for seeking higher studies.

Talking to him was like we are still the same two crazy, confused, and innocent friends figuring out our journey, mapping our taste, likings. It felt like he is asking, teaching me about life from all his learning’s. What I should and I should not do. Lastly, we both laughed at knowing that I am running my own business. Like everyone else, he was also trying to set me with someone as I am getting too old and living alone.

How many such calls do we receive in our life that brings back 20 years past in front of us? It is like a movie watching movies in the background with you in it. These calls are no less than thrillers throwing memorable past full of happiness, failure, remorse, longings in front of your eye.