Are we a social animal or the herd? With the progress in civilization, we have gotten domesticated. We took shelters and created our identity with religion? Our daily work defined our social status. We moved to live in a bucket and society construct. Our identity got associated with the family we were born, caste/social status became the prime.

As we started domesticated ourselves with decades of adjustments, we seek for others around us. We can no longer live alone in isolation. We went on from being an alone worrier to attention hogging wreckless animals. We started craving attention, approval seeker, by the crowd.

The society we created is biting us now. Can anyone live alone all by himself in isolation? Those were the days when saints and sages would go to the Himalayas, forest for mediation. It is a rare occurrence now.

Our developed society is crowded, overpopulated, and full of faith. The advancement in technology, the internet, and mobile phones have added a materialistic persona to us. We are no more who we are; we are now what others want to see in us.

The construct of cosmopolitanism is just on papers. We are more divided and alone than we were a century ago. We want attention for that; we create fake personas for the external world while being a hollow from the inside.

What have we achieved? Are we not back being an Animal? Violence, rape, fights, and constant destruction of mother earth?

Our individuality was long missing and looks like it will go for a tragic death in the future.