Being Hindu

In his last India visit, Akshat Sir gave me this book title: Bing Hindu. I was not keen on reading it because of the title. I was cynical with the book title.

The book talks about our golden age, history, and many intellectuals. It also talks about how westerners came, plundered, and erased our past. I could not understand what the author was trying to imply with the book.

My definition of being Hindu is above any religious bindings but more on the way of life, Independence, self-realization, and caring for nature. I do not incline towards the bigotry paddled via various establishments claiming to be the flag bearers of our religion. A Hindu is not attached to a temple, sect, or political affiliation but how he thinks, lives, and cares for overall humanity. The violence, loot, and worshipping of any persona is propaganda and lies for the interest of a few. It is not Hinduism. The media is biased; the action of a few for their self-interest should paint entire others with the same paintbrush.

Hinduism never sent evangelicals to destroy monasteries or convert the universe under one roof. It does not preach about salvation or moksha by converting others to a particular religion.

People who are associating Hinduism with a religion, sect, or ideologies are doing it for their personal gain.