Let’s build a startup

Let’s build a startup book talks about Harpreet S Grover’s journey in building CoCubes. I could relate myself more to it because I grew up in a middle-class family in a small town in India. 

These are some notes I took away from the book:

  1. Parents: Indian parents are paranoid about starting a startup. Some dislike their kids starting one and many others seeing their kids working at a startup. I don’t blame them. They want their kids’ life better and stable.  
  2. Work-life balance: Running a startup is like running a ship in uncharted territory and, unexpected misadventures are part of it. If you are married, the wife is an equal stakeholder. The author mentions meeting family and wives/husbands in some instances in recruiting his team members.
  3. Co-founders: In the early days of a startup, you are married to the idea as well as the co-founder. You spend most of your time with them, so pick them well. 
  4. Burn slow: Don’t waste money on decorating the office or making the canteen a retro/designer look.
  5. People: Focus diligently on company culture. That could make or break your startup. Hire slow, fire fast. Give regular feedback, get feedback. People leave, wish them luck, and help them whatever way you could. 
  6. Customers: Only money that matters is money coming into account from customers. Spend more time with your customers and get their feedback. They will help you grow as a product and customers.
  7. Focus: Don’t spread too thin and build everything. Build one thing and focus on executing it well.
  8. Leadership: The founder’s time is precious. Focus on hiring the r leadership team and give them freedom and independence to run the show. Have faith in them. 
  9. Coach: A founder’s journey is lonely, and others are part of it as a sports club. Having a coach helps in bringing clarity and picking blindspots.  
  10. Have some fun: Get to know your team, go on trekking and have some fun. A hot, burning environment will hamper progress in the growth of the team and an organization.