In Lifespan, David Sinclair writes about how we are going to live much longer. He also points getting old is a disease, and we can live much longer.

In the initial chapter, he cites how we started dying less at an early age because of advancements in medicine and science. With time and our sedentary lifestyle, we are getting sick from a heart attack, Diabetes, and other failures.

In later chapters, he mentions the newer research and experiments on the mouse and how they are living longer. He gave stress on metformin and resveratrol. He also cites how his father, based in Australia in his 80’s lived like a 60-year-old, trekked consuming these drugs.

I remember reading a section where he also mentions how we are making our planet worst by cutting trees, the plastic, and how we will witness more pandemics in the year to come.

The part I resonated with most was about intermittent fasting, restricted dieting, and regular physical exercise. The importance of eating leafy vegetables, fermented food. He advised avoiding non-vegetarian food. I am not sure about the importance of hot and cold baths.