The past few weeks have been a little hard on me. It threw me into the self-introspection mode. The more I questioned myself, the I sulked deeper into emotions.

I spent time reading about emotions from science to philosophy. The summary was simple: it is manifest of our mind. How we see an incident and how we react to it.

Emotions are the byproduct of our ego, attachment, and perception. The meaning changes with the lens you are looking at it.

Bhagwad Gita talks about: Attachments are the cause of human misery.
Epictetus said: There are things in our control and things not in our control. Dwelling on things that are not in our control will make us miserable.
Murakami says: Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional.

Many professional coaches say to be more rational in business. It makes me wonder how can a human life in this dual state where he/she has to buckatize their actions?

If in a business, we have to be more rational and less emotional, then why not automate that part too? Is singularity even achievable?