You can’t force-feed a donkey and make them a racehorse. The sooner we understand it, the better it will be for us. Knowing our blind spot and circle of competence can change the way we see our life and work.

We are living in a world where externalities are governing us, the decisions of our life. We do engineering because parents wanted it, we get married soon cos society forced upon us.

There is a constant seeking to be one among everyone in this glittery society, is that feeding this on us? We are faking ourselves, pushing harder, living a miserable life?

Every year billions $$ worth of books are printed and shoved on us about how you can do or achieve anything. You can master, be great at anything with your 10,000 hours of dedication. How much of these are far from the truth?

Are we weaponizing or sedating our generations with the gospel of optimism at the same time blinding them with education loans, debt, and glitters?