Cribbing is our favorite past time. Even society thrives on it. Social psychologists, media, and marketers know about it, and that is why we are scared, sold cure for worries, pain.

Be it a product, opinion, or feedback: we go after negatives before the positives. I wonder if the fault-finding gives some sense of pride. I remember my early days of the OpenStack community: we had many people in the channel coming and cribbing about what we are doing wrong, what is broken rather than how can we contribute? Even at neutral events when we would go, we would be told what is not working. I saw the same on HN post today about ERPNext and did not like it.

Does that mean I am perfect and not a cribber? I doubt that because last night itself, I was cribbing about Tesla India announcements and PR. Aren’t Tata and Mahindra’s been here for decades? My mentor suggested Tesla’s emergence will open doors for EV-related literacy and manufacturing in the country. We will have more jobs created as smaller industries will supply many parts. How did I missed this part and fell for my tunnel vision? I had my reality check; I am hopeful of getting better.