I was on half a dozen calls last day. It made me feel how lucky I am; I had a sense of gratitude and was feeling very grateful at the same time. I had my mentors, customers, friends, and advisors around me to help me. There are days, times in life when you feel fucked up.

In the world we are living in, everything is plastic and transactional. A few of us believe in long-term relationships and, few lucky ones are blessed with such acquaintances. They are the north star in the crowded transactional and opaque world. You can sail through in life with less pain having them around.

It makes me sad, but that is what Capitalism has done to us: money has become the universal language. The wealth you accumulate makes you powerful, gives you a voice and authority, respect. All the vices are covered by wealth. Your identity is how much you own and be it society or family. In some instances, wealth has kept marriage and kids intact.