Yoga is a new cool. It creates a billion $$ worth of income and jobs for social media millennials who educate their followers. Consumerism is a flavor of our society and, Yoga is riding on it. I hope it does good for our civilization. The Indian government is also encouraging the movement. 

I have been practicing pranayama(mindfulness according to Americans) for over 7-8 years and, I see it helping me. 

During my school days, I did Yoga and Gymnastics both and, it has been one reason for body flexibility even now in my 30’s. 

Last week I spoke to a friend in my hometown about not getting enough sleep. His suggestion was to do Sirsasana. It has been four days and, I have been sleeping like a baby. 

I have also bought a copy of the book from Bihar School of Yoga. It is like going back to the roots.