On Education

We grew up to an age where education had a final destination of becoming an engineer, doctor, Bank PO, or applying for BPSC or UPSC. Things have changed since then; many newer fields have emerged and, we have many paths to pursue our future careers.
I also had some of our friends sent to madrassa and ashrams. Most of their teaching comprised of reading holi texts. Some of them are a professor at a Sanskrit college and are living a good life. Some have become mahant at Vrindavan ashrams.

Will Durant’s falling leaves has a chapter on education where he talks about this. I liked what he had to say. Our education system aims to make us all zombies and find a job and earn. There is no more curiosity or mental growth path for the kids. Some of his advice might sound crazy but, I subscribe to it. Education should be holistic making an individual self-aware. For it to happen teaching history, philosophy, psychology is equally important.

Going by the current trend, kids are trained to become software developer while resting at mothers womb. In short, not much has changed.