I am everywhere. I deliver your groceries; I help you when you want a ride. I am there to serve food for you. I am the one who takes care of your dumpster every morning. I ensure to deliver condoms, flowers, cake at wee hours so that you celebrate.

I also exist; I am part of the same race. I also have to feed myself. I need love, empathy as well. I also get sick; I also pay for the child’s school fees. I also have aging parents to take care of.

Please do not write me off; I also exist; there are millions of others like me. We are also angry, unhappy with everything happening around us. Some of us are more literate than you. It’s where we were born, decided our fate. Some of us will climb the ladder of society and compete for head-on with you all.

Treat us with dignity and respect; we are no beggars; we work equally hard to make our living.