There is no one way of building your company or living a life. It all comes down to choice and how what you are leaving on the table. Or what you are optimizing life for? What is the overall purpose?

Over the last 3-4 years of my own journey, after souls searching, reading, talking to mentors. One thing I have realized is that I want to live a peaceful life.

What am I living on the table? A lot of money, a lot of grumpy customers or unwanted relationships, or fictitious friends.

Again and again, this optimizing for life takes me away from the mad rush or fake relationship building or posturing. Some tell me I am not aspirational and, others teach me about being aggressive in business. I have made peace with it.

Our life is too short and knowing what we want from it makes the journey less miserable. It’s playing a videogame and, every stage has its challenge. The key is circumventing and crossing to the next round.