How much pressure is the current generation going through? The expectation to ace at school, the race to be at the top. I find myself to be lucky not to growing up in the era of the internet and smartphones.

It seems like a mad, mad world and, everyone is rushing to ace at everything. What about those 15-16 years old kids on social media trying to look good or sell wisdom after reading a few recycled books.

When I was growing up, all I cared about is reaching home at the right time to spend few hours playing cricket with friends. I did not have that baggage of what to wear or how to act. We were freer. We had no paints over us. We did not have to posture or act smart, look good, or be always correct. In short, we were more innocent; we had more freedom to commit mistakes, fight, get hurt and walk with a straight face.

Seeing the current generation, I feel they are more under pressure and least risk-averse. I doubt even parents of this generation have enough time for the kids because they are fighting for themselves, acting, and posturing.