Have you been around people who influence you positively with their actions or work? We are social animals. We crave inspiration, care, and respect. Once we are part of a community, group, or company of friends who are all progressive, we will start showing our spark. We will be motivated enough to go against all odds. The reason being we have people with us who have got our back. They are helping us glow, run and chase our dream.

You have to be very lucky to find such a company. In most instances, we live in a flight and fright zone. We have no room to experiment, fail, and make mistakes and learn from them.

Our monkey mind is scared and born pessimists. For it, survival is the default. Hence, most of us never reach that sparked state in our life. Some of us are not lucky.

We go out chasing love, relationship, and whatnot. Marketers and Hollywood make the most out of it.

Instead, we should find a company that inspires us to do the impossible. Those who make you better every day. Those who inspire and keep igniting the spark. They make us better in all senses.

As we grow old, our looks will fade. The likes on Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube will not matter. It will be company and consciousness. Having the right company will define the end of life. It will make our living and parting less miserable and filled with a spark.